British Council Organizes Free Live Event Series Addressing Societal Issues

The British Council organizes a series of live events, dubbed Conversations of Our Time, addressing the key issues facing our societies, which have been escalated by Covid-19. 

The British Council says in its official website that these events series represent an opportunity to “exchange ideas, learn from each other and work together” in order to improve our societies and overcome the challenges that they are facing.

Each of these free digital events will address one key issue and host a number of leaders from around the world to share practical insights with the attendees. These will also have the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas and innovations with other participants. 

The British organisation explains that through this event series, the participants will derive an understanding of the way in which “our societies are evolving and changing” and discover the innovations that leaders have conceived in their attempt to help communities respond to challenges. In this regard, the British Council encourage individuals to be part of a global conversation on these issues via a the hashtag #ConnectedByConversations.


1st Event: How Are Societies Changing? 

The first event in these series, which will be held on July 16th, will explore the way and the extent to which Covid-19 has changed our societies, and how public and private institutions are responding to the changes. The event will also shed light on the equalities exposed thanks to the pandemic and examine the requirements of building “a fairer society” and the lessons learned about humanity and values. 

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The 4 panelists come from different backgrounds and walks of life and are Ndidi Nwuneli, Indy Johar, Bernadia Tjandradewi, Karl Belizaire. 

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