Moroccan Beggar Owns 2 Residential Buildings and SUV car

The revealed wealth of a Moroccan female beggar appalls the inhabitants of the Southern Moroccan city of Ait Melloul.

The prosecutor of Agadir’s court of First Instance has ordered the arrest of a beggar who turns out to possess two residential building and a SUV car.

According to the local media, the beggar camouflaged for a long time in shabby clothes to gain the sympathy of the passengers in the street and at the entrance doors of mosques.

The residents of the areas she frequented, add the sources, were shocked at the revelation especially that she managed to hide it for a long time.

The beggar was later seen begging in the streets of Agadir city, southwest of Morocco, but she ran away before the authorities were summoned.

Morocco’s criminal law gives an imprisonment of between 6 and 12-month to any beggar found to possess sufficient means to live or could have access to it through employment or any other legitimate source of income.

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