Moroccan Genius Idder Moutia Granted Scholarship in Leading Smart School

The genius Moroccan IT Developer, Idder Moutia, has been awarded a full scholarship in the leading Moroccan smart school, London Academy Casablanca.

A few weeks ago, London Academy Casablanca announced that it would launch a merit-based scholarship to give the young students that exhibit excellence in language, math, and science a chance to integrate its modern programs.

In an interview with international Morocco, the founder, Samir Benmakhlouf, revealed that the academy granted scholarships to 4 young children this week, one of whom is the young famous IT genius, Idder Moutia, who received scholarship that covers 100% of the tuition fees at the academy.

Moutia’s story attracted popular attention last year after he made a flawless intervention at a programming forum hosted by Google in the city of Agadir, south of Morocco. Native of the city of Tiznit, Moutia taught himself many programming languages in addition to the English language, of which he has a native-like mastery.

The remaining three also benefited from scholarships of up to 70% amounting to MAD 200.000 in four years. In addition, two more students will be granted similar scholarships, raising the number of the grantees to 6 students.

The academy is the first smart school in Morocco and is accredited by Cambridge International Assessment, British Schools Overseas and COBIS (Council of British International Schools). Its modern curricula include robotics classes, 3D printing, arts classes, drama, public speaking, music and dance. Its determination to include state-of-art technology in its programs stems from its desire to make its students part of today’s technological development.

The founder of London Academy Casablanca, Samir Benmakhlouf, has operated in leadership roles at numerous leading corporations, most notable of which is Microsoft where he was awarded its CEO Sales Award in 2000 and 2002 on his roles as the giant’s General Manager in Algeria, Bahrain and Morocco. Benmakhlouf was also elected President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bahrein, where he left his contribution in Free Trade Agreement between the US and the Gulf kingdom.

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