Moroccans Cheer for Sub-Saharan Immigrant for Standing Up Against Tram Company

Moroccans on social media have shown huge support for a sub-Saharan Immigrant who stood in the lane refusing to let the tramway pass in Rabat in protest for not warning the clients of a dysfunction.

In a video that has gone viral on Facebook, a sub-Saharan African is seen standing in front of the tramway refusing to let it pass in Morocco’s capital, Rabat. The young man states in an interview with the Arabic-speaking news source that he does it in protest against the company for not notifying the passengers about a dysfunction that the tram underwent.

The man explained that he was left with no money after he paid the tram subscription that very morning. He was soon surprised when the tram stopped halfway to its destination and the passengers were told to leave and take another means of transport.

He also expressed his indignation at the ‘racist comments’ of a worker:

“As I was complaining about this, the gentleman over there […] told me ‘would you do this in your country’ which a find racist,” said the young man. He also demanded that the transport company pays for his taxi to work and give him a “paper that proves that he was late because of the tram.”

The sub-Saharan concluded that if everyone stood up every time a similar disregard of the passengers took place, “they would not continue.”

Numerous Facebook pages have shared this footage, and several hundreds of thousands of viewers have expressed their support for the young man for speaking on their behalf. Some have called him “a national here”, other defended his right to express his indignation in the way he chose, while other lashed out at the other passengers for not doing the same.

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