Tariq Ramadan to Appear on French TV This Friday

The Prominent Swiss intellectual and Islamic Scholar Tariq Ramadan will be hosted in the French channels RMC and BFMTV on September 6 for the first time since his release in November 2018.

Tariq Ramadan announced on his Facebook and Twitter fan pages today that he will take part in the French morning talk show “Bourdin Direct” that airs in the French channels RMC and BFMTVH.

The 57-year-old professor of contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University has not made any public appearance since he was granted conditional release in November 2018. the newly announced talk show will be hosted by the French media personality, Jean-Jacques Bourdin.

Tariq Ramadan was taken into custody 2nd February 2018 over allegations of sexual assault and rape against two women, Henda Ayari a former Salafi that became a secularism activist, and another woman that remained anonymous but went by ‘Christelle’, after years of the alleged rapes.

Tariq Ramadan and his lawyer denied the charges and vowed to defend his “honor and innocence.”

In November of the same year, a Paris court granted Tariq Ramadan conditional release after he sought bail on numerous occasions on health bases as his multiple sclerosis was difficult to treat in prison.



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