The Student’s International Fair in Casablanca Scheduled for April 18 to 21

Casablanca’s Foire Internationale is set to host the International Fair of the Student from April 18th to 21st.

The yearly International Fair of the Student is scheduled to take place between April 18 and 21 in Morocco’s economic capital, Casablanca. In the current edition, the 780 participants representing universities and education institution from 25 countries are expected to meet around 190 thousand visitors.

The visitors will be given information about numerous university programs and degrees, ranging from professional certifications to PhD programs, as well as recruitment and internship opportunities in different fields and countries. Also, 12 coaching workshops, conferences and debates are scheduled in this 4-day event.

The event will also be a meeting place for companies and education institutions wishing to establish partnerships and collaboration with local and international players, and exchange expertise in digital teaching and learning tools.

The event is the biggest in Morocco and Africa and attracts hundreds of thousands of students, parents and employees from the all the corners of the kingdom.

International Casablanca
International Casablanca
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