Zero Moroccan University Among Top 1000 Universities

2019 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) does not include any Moroccan University in its ranking of the world’s 1000 top universities.

The Chinese university of Jiao-Tong revealed today, August 15th, the results of its yearly Academic Ranking of World Universities that ranks the top 1000 universities in the world. Yet again, None of the Moroccan universities features in this ranking.

American universities dominate the ranking with 45 universities in the top 100 and 17 American universities in the top 20. Harvard came first for the 17th consecutive year, Stanford took the second position and the British Cambridge remained in third rank for the second year. MIT, University of California, Berkeley, Princeton University, University of Oxford, Columbia University, California Institute of Technology, and University of Chicago ranked after consecutively.

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Also quite remarkable in this year’s ranking is the total absence of African and Arabic Universities from the top 100 universities list. However, in the top 1000, one university in Egypt, one in Tunisia, one in Nigeria and 8 South African universities feature in the ranking. As far as the Middle East is concerned, the ranking includes 13 Iranian, 12 Turkish, 4 Saudi and 3 Emirati universities.

The results of the report came amid increased popular cri de coeur to reform the education sector in Morocco and make it a priority in the government agenda.

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