Video: Muslim Woman Stands up to Man Who Bullied Jewish Family in London Metro

A veiled British Muslim woman has stood up to an anti-Semite who was bullying a Jewish man, his wife and children in a London metro. The Jewish man later meets and thanks the lady and said “it would have turned into a physical attack had she not intervened”.

A brave veiled British named Asmaa Shuweikh from Libyan origins confronted an anti-Semite and asked him to stop attacking a Jewish family on a London metro when none of the commutors intervened. Another commuter named Chris Atkin took the video and posted it to social media, where it has received a lot of praise.

The Jewish man met Asmaa and gave her a bouquet of flowers as thank-you gesture. He added that the bullying could have easily turned into a physical attack on him and his children if Asmaa let the tension escalate.

The Jewish man and his family were heading to Covent Garden in London’s West End when a man saw them and wearing the kippah and ran toward them. He then began directing anti-Semitic slurs at them. Asmaa who told story in an interview with BBC recounts that he started reading a passage to the frightened Jewish children from the Jewish scriptures in an attempt to prove to them that it “says bad things about the Jews.”

Asmaa hesitated a little bit before boldly confronting the anti-Semite and asked him to stop bullying them.

The perpetrator who was later arrested was “a bit in shock to see a veiled Muslim woman” defending a Jewish family. He then began directing Islamophobic slurs her.

“Honestly, I didn’t think about myself because I was born here in London and I have been a victim to this kind of bullying on numerous occasions, and I have learned how to deal with it” said Asmaa, adding that veiled women should be first to act against bullying when they witness it.

Asmaa went on to say that people should intervene when they see injustice in public space.

The Jewish man, who did not reveal his identity, said that the metro journey left him with “mixed feelings about the society”. However, he expressed his gratitude that Asmaa helped them.”

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  1. That’s the type of reactions: the one in your article and the other in Oprah’s show, we wish people could make to change negative attitudes towards people of different religion or color.
    I enjoyed reading your article very much. As usual it is very well written and documented. Thank you so much for sharing. I wish you all the best.

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