Badr Hari Denounces Coach Assault of Young Female Athlete

Badr Hari has denounced in a Facebook post the violent assault of a young female athlete by her kickboxing coach, and the federation begins investigations.

A video was posted to Facebook on Saturday 12 showing a kickboxing coach violently punching a young female athlete in the face during training. The video is 55 seconds long and shows the girl making steps backward when she received two violent blows in the face. When she realized she does not stand a chance of fighting back, she covered her face while the coach continued to punch her repeatedly in the face for the remaining 30 seconds.

The video triggered an avalanche of criticism and denunciation as it went viral on Facebook. Users condemned the behavior of the coach and pointed out that he crossed the line with the cruelty he exhibited as he seemed like fighting against a mature professional.

Badr Hari Condemns

Badr Hari, who reshared the video in his Facebook fan page, states that he was shocked to see the video, adding that it does not seem like a training but “unconscious «man» beating a young girl.”

“This is not sport. This is not kick boxing. This horrific scene shouldn’t happen and I cannot remain insensitive. Please do not allow this cowarldy and irresponsible attitude in your gyms,” continued the Moroccan-Dutch Kickboxing superstar.

Investigations Begin

A source from Moroccan royal federation of kick boxing told the Arabic-language news source, Alyaoum24, that the sport institution has decided to investigate this incident. The source revealed that the institution in question began the procedures to identify the coach as well as the people who shot and posted the video.

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