Casablanca: World Bank to Approve Loan for Two Tramway Line

A World Bank’s financing institution is expected to approve a one-billion-dirham loan ($100 million), part of which will be invested in the construction of the two more tramway lines.

The total budget of this project amounts to 7 billion dirham and is expected to be operational in 2022, according to the data revealed by

After the first two tramway lines in Morocco’s economic capital, the third line (T3) will extend through a distance of 14 kilometers and will include 20 stations. It will connect Abdelkader Sahraoui Boulevard, east of Casablanca, and with the port of Casablanca through Idris Allam Blvd, Idris Alharthi Blvd, Mohamed VI Blvd, Victory Square, and Mohamed Samiha street.

The construction will also include a 69 hectares façade treatment, an arrangement of 3 squares (Victory Square, Hamidou El Watani Square and Casa Port Square), and the planting of 3100 trees along the route

                                   T3 in purple; T4 in blue

As for the the fourth line (T4), it will contain 18 stations, four of which will be used for correspondence and will run over a distance of 12 kilometers. This line will pass through Uqba Ibn Nafi Blvd, Idris Al Harthy Blvd, Idris Al Alam Blvd, Royal Army Blvd, Anwal and 10 Mars, Oulad Zayyan Blvd in addition to Victory Square, Rahal El Meskini and Allal El Fassi. This establishment of this line also includes facade repairs, arrangement of two places (fraternité and Grande Ceinture) and the planting of 2,500 trees.


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