Committee Investigates ‘Massacre’ of Turtle Doves

A committee composed of Morocco’s High Commission for Water and Forests, Customs and Local Authorities in the area of Marrakech has began an investigation into the killing of 1490 turtle doves.

Photos and videos of Gulf tourists with a huge number of turtle doves that they hunted down in the area of Marrakech have gone viral on social media last week, arousing feelings of anger among Moroccan social media users. Morocco’s hunting regulations specify that the hunting limit for this species is 50 birds per person per day.

One of the Moroccan public figures, Mustapha El Fekkak, the Associate Creative Director at Artcoustic Studios, has expressed his denunciation of the incident in a Facebook post, calling it “a massacre.” He also inquired if the authorities were aware of the incident.

A source at Morocco’s High Commission for Water and Forests said to the Arabic-language news source, Howiya press, that the committee that was formed specifically to investigate this unlawful hunt will carry out a detailed report of the incident before taking the necessary legal action.

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