Helping children of Moroccan village have their own learning center   

Two Moroccan-Canadian siblings have organized a fundraising campaign to establish a Literacy Center in their hometown of Imin’tizeght, in the valley of Ameln, Souss in the south of Morocco.

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Thanks collaboration with a local association called Imin’tizeght Association for Development and Cooperation (AIDECO), Naima and Hafid Alaoui have managed to turn their dream of helping the residents of local village of Imin’tizeght into action.

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The siblings organized a fundraising Gofundme campaign to help the association finance an education project for the the children, dubbed TIFAWT which mean “light” in Amazigh language. The project consists of renovating an unoccupied school building in the village, supplying all the equipment necessary to host students and hiring a teacher.

Talking about the details of the project, Naima Alaoui says in the campaign:

“It will specifically benefit 50 elementary students, 50% of which are females, 20 middle and high school aged children currently attending school in the nearby Tafraout city, and 20 women.”

The renovation phase has already been completed thanks to the contribution of a lady doctor who is member of the association and the raised 7000 CAD (50,000 MAD) will go to hiring a teacher and buying furniture and supplies.

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The aim of this project, and the ensemble of the projects undertaken by the association, is make the living conditions bearable through covering the villagers’ basic needs in order to slow down the flow of economic migration to cities.

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Contact AIDECO :
Phone: +212 6 73 40 64 03
Postal Adress : BP 304 Tafraout Centre

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