International Arabic Day: 12 Quick Facts about Arabic Language:


  1. It is a Semitic language and share the same root with Hebrew (West Semitic)


  1. It is spoken by 422 Million people throughout the world.


  1. It is the Liturgical Language oof 1.7 billion Muslims.


  1. It is an official language in 26 countries.


  1. It has 13 dialects spoken throughout the Arab World.


  1. It is one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations.


  1. It has sounds that don’t exist in any other language.


  1. It has 12.3 million words (English has 600 thousand words)


  1. Its Alphabet has 28 letters


  1. It is written from right to left


  1. It has no capital letter


  1. It has 11 words for ‘love’ and 100 words for ‘camel’
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International Casablanca
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