Moroccan Artist Organizes Exhibition in Iceland

The Moroccan artist Salman Ezzammoury has organized an exhibition in the city of Akureyri in northern Iceland. Akureyri is the second largest city  and the fourth most populated in the country.

In a previous visit to Iceland, the Moroccan artist was spellbound by the seductiveness of its scenic landscapes. Once invited again by an Icelandic institution that specializes in research, conferences and exhibitions, Ezzammoury did not hesitate to set out for the adventure.

Throughout his one-month residence in Akureyri, the Moroccan artist produced 30 artworks thanks to the means and equipment put at his disposal by the center. The artworks were exhibited in the showroom of the center under the title “Akureyri Through the Eyes of a Stranger”. They were also revealed at the Culture Palace (Kultura) in Ida, central Netherlands, in the months of June and July of current year.

In addition, two more exhibition were organized by Ezzammoury during his stay in Iceland. The first is entitled “Different Places” gives a quick glimpse at the artist’s works, whereas the second, “The Dutch Scene” shows examples of natural scenery in Holland, where Ezzammoury lives.

Salman Ezzammoury was born in the Northern Moroccan city of Tetouan and has lived in Holland for the past 30 years. His artistic genius consists of blending photography and plastic arts as he takes photographs of natural scenes and buildings and uses digital solutions and technics to color them.


Salman Ezzammoury

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