Moroccan Fatima Ezzahrae Akhyar qualifies to Reading Challenge Finals

Moroccan teen Fatima Ezzahrae Akhyar has qualified to the final rounds of the 4th edition of UAE’s Arabic Reading Challenge, along with 7 others.
Fatima Ezzahrae Akhyar and 7 others have qualified to the fourth episode of the Arabic Reading Challenge organized by Mohammed Ben Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI). The 8 contestants will compete in the program scheduled for Friday 18.
Akhyar qualified along with Ayet Noureddine from Tunisia, Joumana El Malki from Saudi Arabia, Omar El Maayta from Palestine, while four others entered the “danger zone”. These are Ranim Hammouda from Egypt, Bushra Assiri from Bahrein, Hadil Ezzoubeir from Sudan, and Muznah Najib from the United Arab Emirates.
According to a statement issued by the foundation, the next round of the competition will involve new challenges and will result in disqualifying 4 more participants. The remaining four will join 8 more participants who are in the “safe zone”, and then begin another series of the competition.
In this current edition, a record of 13.5 million participants from 49 countries have represented 62,000 schools. Fatima Ezzahrae Akhyar, a student at Cadi Ayyad high school in Tetouan, has won the title of the competition at the national level, which qualified her to participate in UAE finals.
The 9-year-old Moroccan Meryem Amjoun won the title of the 3rd edition of Arabic Reading Challenge. 
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