Morocco: Gigantic Cultural Project Underway

Morocco’s ministry of Culture and Communication has announced that a new cultural project to document material and immaterial aspects of the Moroccan culture is underway and will be completed next year.

Morocco’s Ministry of Culture and communication launched a new gigantic project that consists of documenting aspects of the Moroccan culture in an encyclopedia dubbed “The Encyclopedia of the Moroccan culture.”

According to a communiqué of the ministry in question, the encyclopedia will serve as a reference of the Moroccan culture and will shed lights on the Moroccan heritage, intellectual traditions, arts and creativity and other components.

The encyclopedia is intended to reflect the richness of the Moroccan culture and spotlight its Arabic, Amazigh, African, Andalusian, Mediterranean, Islamic and Jewish constituents and influences.

Morocco’s archeological sites, World Heritage sites, and historical monuments will be introduced and chronicled in this encyclopedia, in addition to aspects of the immaterial components of the Moroccan culture. These include Morocco’s oral tradition, gastronomy, and customs and traditions.

The 130 Moroccan experts, adds the communiqué, will also put together a compilation of the Moroccan literature, plastic and visual arts, theater, cinema, music, dance arts, manuscripts.



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