New Industrial Complex to Be Setup in Tantan

A new industrial complex will soon be set up in the commune of El Ouatia near Tantan in southwestern Morocco to give momentum to the area’s social and economic dynamics and encourage investment.

The prospects that the investment will carry for the commune and the entire regions were discussed on October 24 during a meeting between the governor of the Tantan province, Hassan Abdelkhalki, and representatives of the banking sector. The governor explained that the area possesses an interesting strategic location near the port of Tantan.

The official added that “it was agreed to support and set up an industrial complex in the commune of El Ouatia” in the framework of the “mobilization of real estate for the benefit of investment project.” He added that the project will be in collaboration with other provinces in the region of Guelmim-Oued Noun that El Ouatia commune is part of.

During the meeting, the representatives of the banks affirmed their involvement in this dynamic through financing investments and supporting all activities that create value and create job opportunities.

The setup of this complex will have immense prospects for investors and for the region in general. For this reason, the authorities and the ensemble of the relevant departments in the region are working to create enabling environments to encourage investment and support all sorts of initiatives with economic prospects.

Hassan Abdelkhalki explained that the fruits of this effort has led to the creation of 191 companies in Tantan last year, which represents and increase of 9%, and 111 companies in the first half of the current year.


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