(Photos) From Class to ER: Teacher Violently Beats Young Student Near Taroudant

A primary school teacher in the province of Taroudant, south east of Morocco, has beaten a young student with plastic stick, causing her serious bruises that required urgent hospitalization.

The troubling story was first broken by the Arabic/French-language news source le360 which stated that the reason why the primary teacher violently beat the little girl is because she did not do her homework. He then pummeled the 8-year-old in the head with a plastic stick causing her bruises and black eyes and other serious complications.

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The news source recounted that at the time of the reporting the young girl who studies in the second grade was going to be taken to the provincial hospital Mokhtar Soussi in Taroudant from her native village of Taourirt in the province of Taroudant. The parents’ financial situation does not allow them to accompany her to the hospital, where she will receive a medical check up and the necessary treatments.

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A relative of the young student said that both the victim and her family are traumatized.

The same source added that this is not the first time this specific teacher beat his students. He previously assaulted many of his students but their families did not take legal action against him due to the “culture of fear among the locals”.

The residents of the village have called on the authorities and the public prosecutor to intervene, arrest the accused, and bring justice to the assaulted student and her family as soon as possible.


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