Poem: Pacific Ocean

By Soukaina Aziz 

They started fishing,
Deep in the somber, black, pacific ocean,
They did not reconcile their souls
They were harsh on them.
Go on the journey with no toolkit,
Were they etherized souls?
A group of perverts, thought the fishes.
They did not look at the mirror
Nor did they grasp the meaning….
Amid the ocean, they dived,
“Reckless,” thought the fishes.
Before, they roamed everywhere,
They were restless, until then,
They were wholeheartedly persuaded,
Deep and profound, they would dive.
The gleaming spark inside,
Scheming, scheming and scheming…
One thought,” would I melt like a ball of salt deep inside?” I would strive,
The prince…….
The other presumed, “ I would be the prince deep there” Machiavelli, I read it, a great mind…..
They would fear me there, needless to love me,
Under my mercy.
Number three would preach, they would need one,

In dark desperate times, they resort to him,
Etherized souls, they could become!
Living in blasphemy!
The fishes?? They did not behold them,
Look at your reflections in the ocean, when the moon is full, They can notice the fishes, if the ocean is diaphanous. Committed to your cause you are,

Opposing their obscure views,
You have a salient stand,
Savior! You are!
A tulip in a garden full of cactuses…….. The woman smiling, fainting,

The perfect blooming day came,
I hasted, I would discuss issues of women, Preach, fight, blossom deep in the somber ocean, Confederates would support me,
Still, the wind was blowing harshly!
Words dispersed in the universe………
The fishes, no one cared about them,
Can they co-exist down?
But the ocean is pacific
And the candidates are bellicose.
Dejected were the fishes,
They beheld monstrous, misshaped figures, Etherized souls, they chose to be alone
In the pacific ocean.

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