Refurbishment of Rabat Historical Monuments Begins

Refurbishment works of Rabat’s old Marinid School and Chellah’s necropolis have began Wednesday 18th September for a total budget of MAD 11 million (USD 1.1 million)

Morocco’s Minister of Culture and Communication Mohamed Laâraj and Wali of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra Region, and Governor of Rabat Prefecture, Mohamed Yacoubi launched yesterday the conservation work of the old Marinid School and Chellah’s necropolis.

The Moroccan Minister said in a statement that the project is part of the “Rabat, the City Of Lights and Moroccan Capital of Culture” program that aims at conserving and promoting Rabat historical monuments, specifically Chellah historical site, states the Moroccan news source, Yabiladi.

The first part of the project, the restoration of the old Marinid school, consists of refurbishing the minarets, the protection of the existing decors, the repair of the walls and gateway, the remediation work and the restoration of the existing network. A budget of MAD 4 million ($400 k) has been allocated to this phase.

The enhancement of the second historical monument will focus the repair of the necropolis walls and its outbuildings, the refurbishments of the mosque, it’s alter and minaret, the restoration of Abi Al Hassan shrine, in addition to other minor refurbishments. This second part will be carried out under the supervision of the Ministry Culture and Communication and has been allocated a budget of MAD 7 million ($700 k).

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