Suicide Rate Among Moroccan Women Highest in the Arab World: Report

World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed in a newly released report that Morocco has recorded 1013 suicide cases in 2016, more than half of them are females.

Suicide among females in Morocco is the highest in the Arab world as it represents 65 percent of the total number of the Moroccans that committed suicide in 2016. The total number of suicide cases places Morocco 6th in the Arab world after Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Algeria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

WHO states that on the global scale one suicide case is recorded every 40 seconds, bringing the yearly total to 800,000. This number warns the organization is higher than the death toll of wars, assassinations, and as a result to breast cancer, combined.

The report adds that suicide is number 2nd cause of death for youngsters aged between 15 and 29 years old, 2nd for female teens aged between 15 and 19, and third among male teens in the same age rage, at the global level.



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