English: Singular & Plural

In English, there are two kinds of nouns… singular, which means only one… and plural.  This means more than one.

Plurals in English are written in several different ways.  The most common way is to add an “S” at the end of the word.  For example;

Cat is single     A      Cats is plural    B


Pencil is single    701-3679_PI_1000013MN     Pencils is plural   D



For nouns ending in “s”, “sh,” “ck,” “o” or “x” we add “es” to make them plural:



Glass         E                              becomes   Glasses      F


Brush                     G                is    Brushes           H


Tomato             I             is      Tomatoes             J


Nouns ending in “y” have “ies” added to them:


Butterfly                 Q      is    Butterflies    L

Berry                M               is      Berries      A2


Sometimes the middle of the word changes:


Goose            A3                   is        Geese      A4


Mouse          ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????                      is       Mice     A6


Man                     A7                             is   Men                             A8


Woman                 A9                   is    Women              A10


Some words seem to change completely…


Child           A11                              is    Children           A13


If the noun ends in “fe” or “f” we have to add “ves” to make it plural:


Knife       A14                            is    Knives            A15


Wolf      cartoon-wolf-27608489                     is     Wolves            A17


And finally, some nouns don’t change at all!


Milk               milk-carton                         stays      Milk     A19


Money     A20           stays    Money    A21


Food        kisspng-hamburger-fast-food-restaurant-junk-food-kfc-cartoon-french-fries-5a8b6353d9a269.5412864515190843718914               is always Food         A24


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