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Employing a unique approach to university learning with an international focus, Spain’s Marbella International University is home to students from more than 40 nations.

The famed Sierre Blanca Mountains serve as the picturesque backdrop for the resort city of Marbella, Spain.  A major tourist stop of the Costa del Sol, Marbella boasts having the “best climate in Europe” that attracts celebrities year-round to its sandy beaches and exciting nightlife.

Marbella International University, known as MIUC to its alumni and faculty, attracts BA and MA students with an original program blending education and lifestyle.  As a result, Marbella students find their learning experience reaching far beyond university walls.  Degree curricula are designed to meet today’s professional demands and set students up for post-graduate success.  Small, intimate class sizes with a student-professor ratio of just ten to one afford more one-on-one interaction with a highly personalized feel.

MIUC’s mandate is to shape future generations of business leaders in the areas of business, politics and advertising by emphasizing a practical, international approach with students having the opportunity to double or even triple their degree accreditation through Marbella’s sister universities in London and Moscow.

German BA student in International Business, Chiara Lageveen, says: “… what I love… is the balance between theoretical knowledge and the application of industry practices.”

MIUC’s student body isn’t the only source of international flavour.  The university’s faculty is comprised of academics and entrepreneurs from all over the world, providing students with a dynamic mix of experience and cultural background.

To ensure their students are given a well-rounded educational experience, MIUC provides a list of extra-curricular activities that would be the envy of many universities.  Kite-surfing, golfing, swimming and cycling are just a small taste of what is on offer.

Finally, students are greeted with a comprehensive collection of student services when they arrive, to make sure they feel at home.  Each student is provided with his or her own personalized tutor, healthcare, emotional support to ease the feeling of home sickness, and housing assistance.  Maneesh Palli, an MA student in International Business management from India, describes how it feels to call MIUC home; “It’s always exciting to study away from home… studying here broadens my thinking as well as the scope of opportunities ahead of me.”

More information on MIUC is available through Exchange Lab partners at the Casablanca International Consulting Centre, in Casablanca, and the Learning Group Academy, in Rabat.  Don’t forget to watch our companion video by visiting our website and Facebook page, and remember to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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